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Scott Bricker

p4 Interview

Christine Mondor

Informal Cinema:

Within Formal Cities





p4 Interview

Majestic Lane

Beyond the Shadows of Blight, Part Four

An Abundance of What (continued)

Half of a Good House

What an award winning housing concept could mean for Pittsburgh

Alchemy of Coal Hill

A Community-built Regional Park

Beam Me Up!

An article I submitted to the NewPeople, a publication of the Thomas Merton Center, was going to print, but I didn’t yet know what title the editor had chosen for it.  It turned out to be “Affordable housing in crisis.”  That was fifteen years ago. Now, just moments...

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Informal Cinema: “Within Formal Cities”

A weathered wooden shack with a wavy corrugated metal roof displays images of the Brazilian flag and a political campaign poster featuring three smiling, hopeful candidates.  Below is a handmade banner that reads: FAVELA “MODELO” DE QUE?  Translation: “Favela (a...

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Talk loud, say something

Do you read Public Source? It surprises me when I ask this question and get perplexed looks in return. Public Source is an independent, investigative news outlet that covers critically important issues for Pittsburgh and beyond. Their stories are everything local...

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It’s a Housing Night in Pittsburgh

Housing is transit-related.  And hunger-related.  Housing is a health care issue and an environmental issue.  It affects LGBTQ communities and realtor associations.  It’s a human right and an exclusive privilege.  It’s out of reach for refugees and American-born...

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Bonus! More Housing Opportunity Fund Testimony

...continued from Housing Night. My regrets for not being able to include every speaker. Gabriel McMorland, Bloomfield resident (02:14:15) "The national realtors association and other trade groups have come into many cities across the country, and poured a lot of...

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Dispatch #1

Pretending to be a writer is hard work, and I’ve been at it for a long six months.  Or somewhere between six months and five years, to be precise.  Perhaps you too have considered a mid-career change.  Is it time to chart a new course?  Is the razzle-dazzle life of a...

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