Hi Folks,

I’m pleased to announce that Downstream is now a project of New Sun Rising! All you need to know about this terrific organization can be found here. This means that your financial support will be managed by an established and competent group, and not by some guy who talks good.  And, like a $916 million loss, it’s tax deductible!

I launched Downstream in October 2015 as both a community service and a personal challenge. Many of the issues that we face in Pittsburgh turn up in major news publications long before I get to them. But due to the limitations of their readership, advertisers and so on, vital parts of these stories are left out – relevant history, connections between places and events, and deeper explorations of the people who are at both the center and edges of the story. That is what I seek to provide. I, too, have limitations, but word counts is not one of them. Obviously.

Most Downstream stories require about a hundred hours of my time, which I’ve put forth without any financial support to date.

I wish I could tell you that your donation will save the children. I wish I could tell you with certainty that my stories will ask the right questions, so as to shape public opinion or affect some decisions someone else makes. Maybe, maybe not. My approach is not dissimilar from my years to teaching: I can help to inform, educate and discover, but you may still choose to work at Arby’s.

Donations will support these things:

  • a part-time editor will free me from the horrors of editing my own work, and enable me to spend more time researching, interviewing and writing;
  • a part-time web management consultant will free me from something else I’m terrible at, and will achieve the same as above;
  • a few excursions to report on other places that offer valuable lessons for Pittsburgh;
  • coffee; and, because I work from home,
  • a subscription to Good Housekeeping.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity, to those who have supported me in countless ways, and to those who have risked a sprained thumb scrolling down to the very last word.

I hope to keep this going.

Thanks kindly,